Harmony Project is an award winning research-based after school music program that targets under-served youth in underserved areas. Founded 15 years ago in Los Angeles, Harmony programs are now in 7 states and serve thousands of K-12 students. The improvement in students’ personal and academic lives are well documented and remarkable.
Harmony Project Hudson is a sturdy partnership of the Hudson City School District, Bard College Office of Civic Engagement, and founder, Josh Aronson, in association with Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood and the Hudson Opera House. Our mission is threefold:

– to promote the healthy growth and development of children through the study, practice, and performance of music;
– to build healthier communities by investing in the positive development of children through music;
– to develop children as musical ambassadors of peace, hope, and understanding among people of diverse cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.
Harmony Projects have been remarkably successful in accomplishing these goals by bringing quality music instruction and ensemble playing to children who otherwise would not have access to it. In complementing music education with supporting resources and opportunities, Harmony Projects foster a community of families that actively support their children’s growth and development. Since 2008, 93% of Harmony Project high school seniors have graduated in four years AND have gone on to colleges like Dartmouth, Tulane, NYU, Smith, Cornell, UC Berkeley, UCLA  and USC, despite dropout rates of 50% or more in the neighborhoods where they live. They have participated in Harmony Projects an average of six years.